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автор лого - Климентий Левков

The House of Scientists and Experts of Rechovot
(founded in July 1991)

In the House of Scientists and Experts of Rechovot:
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Наука. Практика. Актуальные проблемы

    2.1. Scientific Articles

    Scientific Articles (Russian)

    Monistic System of Mental Phenomena

    The Precursors of the Earthquake in Turkey

    On the History of the Discovery of Radon

    Terraforming of Mars

    Decision of Global Problems Connected With the Car

    Weather Anomalies As Precursors Of Indonesian April 11th 2012

    Greengum – a Decisive Breakthrough in the Recovery of Waste Rubber


    Life Project

   Klimentiy Levkov

      * CV

      * List of Publications

      * Two-Dimensional Didactic Method in Innovative Engineers Training
               and External Models in Professional Training Pedagogy

    2.2. Seminars


    2.3. Transportation Problems (materials of seminars)

       Program of the Seminar "Safety of Traffic"

       The Questionnaire of a Participant of the Seminar "Safety of Traffic"

        Materials of the Seminar "Safety of Traffic"

       The Problem of Safety of Traffic and Measures on its Maintenance

        The Manual "Arithmetics on Roads"

       Offers for Improvement of Security on Roads Status

        Alternative Energy Sources for Vehicles

        Artificial Fuel on the Basis of Solar Energy Accumulation

        Problems of Application of Alternative Fuel in Internal Combustion Engines

      2.4. Problems of Medicine

        What if Hippocrates Would be a Member of Israeli Physician Association - problems of physician-patient relations

        Modern Medicine - Ethic and Philosophical Problems

        Natural Factors and Means in Alternative Medicine

        Ethical Problems of Physician-Patient Relations. Necessity of Use of Means of Alternative Medicine

        Artherosclerosis of Vessels of a Brain. Age Problems 

        The Role of Information

        World Information War

       Electronic "Old Women"

        "Righteous Persons of Science"

       " Scientifically and Clearly"



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